Women’s Entrepreneurship Seminar:
“Guide to Starting your Online Business on Social Media”

Webinar date Saturday 27th August, 2022

About this Seminar

Ladies let’s face it, with the constant increase of food prices, job loss and well the sad reality of living from pay cheque to pay cheque or in some cases no pay cheque at all, life has been really tough on most women. So, what do you plan to do about this? I mean are you going to sit back at home, do nothing but complain about your situation or are you going to take charge of your life by setting a goal to become successful in every way and to finally gain the financial freedom you have always dreamed of? The choice is yours.

If you have always desired to start an online business but just didn’t know where to begin , or maybe you possess a skill you think can earn you income or maybe you have a product or service you would like to sell for a profit online, then this is the seminar for you. Just remember great opportunities don’t just drop by everyday, so it’s important that you recognize and seize them with every chance you get. You’re in luck because today is that day!

In this seminar I am going to open your minds to the world of earning money on social media and how with just a simple shift in your way of think can change your entire life for the better. Yes believe it, with the right business idea, great marketing and the right mindset  you have the ability to earn any amount of income you can literally think of. This is what happened to me and I’ll show you how it can for you also. All I require of you is your undivided attention, that you have an open mind and a willingness to succeed. I am so excited and I can’t wait to see you guys and share my knowledge with all of you

Objectives of this Seminar

  • To provide an overview on how to start and operate a successful online business.
  • To prepare women to become successful business owners and entrepreneurs 
  • To guide you on making smart business decisions.
  • To teach you how to cultivate the right type of mindset for starting a business.
  • To help you on your journey to become financially independent 
  • To assist you in deciding which kind of business is right for you

Workshop Topics Include

  • The basics of starting an online business 
  • What causes many online businesses to fail and how to decrease the chances of having your business fail
  • Get clear about the type of business you should start
  • How to use social media such as Facebook to earn an income
  • Do what you love and get paid for it
  • Overcoming the fair and challenges when starting a business
  • Getting prepared to start your business

Who is this Seminar for?

  • Ambitious & hardworking women who are determined to succeed in both life and business
  • Housewives who wish to become finically independent while taking care of their home
  • Single parent mothers who are seeking another source of income or who recently lost their jobs
  • Anyone looking for a side hustle
  • Degree holders who are just “fed up” of depending on others for employment 


  • Mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop
  • Download Zoom app
  • Internet connection
  • Great audio
  • Note book and pen
  • Have a determined and willing mindset to learn

Seminar Details

Date:                             Saturday 27th August, 2022
Time:                             6pm-8pm August, 2022
Venue:                          Online (Via Zoom)
Cost:                              $75tt
Presenter:                    Ruth Worrell (Marketing Strategist, Coach, Entrepreneur)
Contact#:                     276-2539

Mode of payment: Bank Deposit/Transfer
Bank Info: First Citizens
Account Name: The Determined Academy
Account#: 2816890


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